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Bilateral (2) Hip and Knee Replacements


Many patients suffer from arthritis in 2 large joints at the same time that require joint replacement. Patients usually think that having 2 large joints replaced at the same time would require prolonged rehabilitation and increased pain. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Nowadays with advanced surgical techniques and postoperative pain relief protocols, patients are only a day longer in hospital, and are in no more pain then having one joint replaced.

It is usually better rehabilitation as the other diseased limb is not carrying the operated limb and getting more and more painful.

I am sharing clinical photographs of a patient with severe knee arthritis with deformity that had 2 knees done at the same time.

So there is no need to be scared of Bilateral Large Joint replacement. However, your surgeon will decide if you are suitable for this type of surgery or not.

X rays of Bilateral large joint replacements, Before and After.

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