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Early Mobilisation reduces the risk of complications in Ankle Fracture Fixation Surgery

Ankle fractures can occur during sporting activities, or as a result of a fall. Fractures can occur in the tibia, fibula or a combination of both, and damage can also involve the ligaments of the ankle joint. Depending on the type and location of the fracture, surgery may be required.

townsville ankle fracture surgery specialist dr kaushik hazratwala

 Dr Kaushik Hazratwala - Ankle surgery specialist

Depending on the success and stability of the fixation, early mobilisation of the ankle joint can occur. Previously ankle fractures would be placed in a cast for 6 – 12 weeks and would cause long term stiffness, swelling, weakness and stability issues. If you have suffered an ankle fracture and would like to talk to a specialist, contact Dr Kaushik Hazratwala for expert advice. He has done many successful ankle replacement surgery and one of the finest orthopaedic surgeon in Townsville.

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